Is your company open to the exciting opportunity to sponsor the second annual Jeep Branson 2025, which is anticipated to be the largest Jeep event the Ozarks has ever seen? We are a group of local Jeep enthusiasts who are planning to bring all things Jeep to Branson Missouri from 2024 and beyond.

The purpose of the event is to bring together one of the most amazing communities the automotive industry has produced since the Jeep was born in 1941. We aim not only to invade Branson with all things Jeep and Jeepers from across the country, but also to provide community, promote sponsors and vendors, and to give back through local charitable organizations who will benefit from proceeds of the event.

This weekend event is expected to bring thousands of Jeep enthusiasts to the Branson area, a prime location for this type of event. The Jeep Branson Event and Expo will be held June ——————, at the Branson Convention Center exhibition hall, located conveniently at the Branson Landing in Downtown Branson with other activities/events in other locations such as the Branson Landing and TexPlex Offroad Park.

By becoming a sponsor for Jeep Branson 2025, your company will benefit from exposure, brand visibility, potential sales, and customer engagement. Jeep Branson will integrate your brand/logo into the marketing materials for the event such as banners, flyers, signage, and social media and our website. As a Jeep Branson 2025 sponsor, you will have the opportunity to directly interact with Jeep enthusiasts at the event through your presence at the Expo and participate in additional activities/contests.

Sponsorship tiers and benefits can be discussed and tailored to a package that aligns with your company budget and marketing goals. In return, your contribution will help secure event expenses such as: venue rental, permits, insurance, marketing materials, equipment rental, staff/volunteer costs, food/beverages, entertainment, and any other additional costs. We are willing to work collaboratively to maximize your sponsorship benefits and Jeep Branson will provide transparency to all sponsors on how their funds are utilized.

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